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We live in a world full of noise, which can leave us feeling depleted, lost, and overwhelmed. Through 20 years of work experience and studies I have learned a lot about people, processes, leadership and mindfulness and have put these learnings together to create a special practice. If you believe in self-awareness, empowerment and transformation I hope life takes you towards your inspired path. My mission is to help guide you through your own process of discovery and explore what this could mean for you.

What I hope you’ll get from walking with me…

My hope is that through a structured yet individualised process of

self -discovery you are able to connect to your authentic self and meet life with excitement and passion.

I have a deep interest in wellness and mindfulness as it applies to  various facets of life and this has led me to create various offerings around wellness through mindfulness practices such as yoga and meditation,  leadership workshops for young girls, mentoring offering for women and youth.

I will run multiple programs and workshops, provide bountiful resources, which you can easily access whether it's online or in person to help guide you through some life road blocks.

The roads we’ll travel…

There are no magic formulas or a one-size-fits-all solution. Every journey to an inspired path is unique. Rest assured that there will be something for everyone.


Here are some programs currently available

  • Mindfulness & Yoga Courses for Women in various life cycle 

  • Pregnancy | Birth | Post Partum Wellness 1:1 Offering

  • Yoga Classes and Workshops for All 

  • Leadership Workshop for Girls Tweens & Teens

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Pregnancy|Birth |Post Natal Wellness Offering

Are you ready for some nurturing?

A special offering for all expectant mothers looking for a more personal approach to wellness as she moves through her pregnancy, prepares for birth and mothering. Receive 1 on 1 support through yoga and mindfulness practices, birth preparation and post natal care discussions and exploration.

If you're feeling overwhelmed, anxious, unsettled, busy, perhaps you have a pre-existing condition such as pre-eclampsia, or have been asked to go on bed rest ,or simply don't have the time, or energy to join a yoga, meditation or child birth preparation course but in your heart you are craving for some nurturing and evidenced based information wishing for an empowered experience regardless of how or where you birth your baby then this personal offering might assist you in finding ways to reconnect with yourself, de-stress, work through some of your concerns as you prepare for the big day. 

I'm here to support you in your personal journey. For more information click  HERE.

Sydney, Australia

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