How can you encourage resilience, growth mindset and well-being in the workplace? 

It's easy to get swept away by the daily tasks that need attention in the workplace. Even as you go along ticking boxes,  meeting deadlines, you as an employee, leader or business owner,  might still be feeling underwhelmed. This feeling could mean a lot of things - as an employee it could signify stress, misalignment with passion, lack of direction coming from your boss, and as leader or business owner, you could be feeling uninspired, scrambling for solutions, needing some assistance in getting your team on board with the vision or goal, or it could be that you're experiencing some pressures with the demands of being in management or owning a company.  You have scheduled meetings after meetings, trying to  resolve issues and it  isn't working anymore. You meet a wall that you can't seem to get past. Are there other ways to unearth solutions to organisational issues?

Creative thinking blossoms when we feel well, connected,  and confident in ourselves. Collaboration occurs when team members are open and receptive. But we must first identify current set backs and issues in order to find solutions.

Mindfulness practice, isn't only limited to a yoga class.  Google, and other global companies are taking mindfulness practice on board as a way to boost productivity,  break down barriers with self and others, it's a scientifically proven tool to aid in stress relief, improve relationship with other team members, foster collaboration, and cultivate resilience through change in the workplace.  It's the awareness aspect of the mindfulness practice or program that allows for big shifts to permeate within an organisation.

According to an article published by The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania,

"The benefits of mindfulness are both clear and proven. Mindfulness programs help leaders and employees reflect effectively, focus sharply on the task at hand, master peak levels of stress, and recharge quickly. On an organizational level, mindfulness reduces sick days, increases trust in leadership, and boosts employee engagement. What’s more, mindfulness helps to unlock the full potential of digital and agile transformations. New processes and structures are just the starting points for these transformations.*

How can I help:

  • I can help you structure a wellness program centered on mindfulness practices to help bring some positivity and productivity back into your company

  • I believe (and research shows) that mindfulness is key in effective leadership. Let me help you become a mindful leader. As a mindful leader, you are able to inspire your team to work towards goals, leading to success and contentment.

  • I have 20 years of corporate experience - mentoring employees, coaching leaders, creating programs and facilitating workshops and training. I can assist  your People and Culture (HR) team in implementing programs in relation to recruitment, change and performance. I've also worked closely with small business owners, and so if you're needing organisational advice , whether it be strategic or tactical , I might be able to be off assistance.

  • There's lots more....

If you'd like to explore working  together email me at Problem solving is second nature to me, so I'm more than happy to help you out.


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