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Pregnancy, birth and post partum is a rite of passage that creates space for women to connect with themselves like never before. Many physiological and psychological changes occur that that may elicit mixed emotions from excitement, fear, uncertainty, happiness.

I would love to be able to support you in your special journey. As a pregnancy and post natal yoga specialist, childbirth educator, mindfulness facilitator and  Mindful Birth Co-Founder (a globally recognised pre and post natal yoga teacher training that has been running for over a decade) my passion resides in supporting women through this special time by holding space, providing evidenced based information on mindfulness,  birthing and beyond, and allowing each one to flourish in their own unique way, claiming their right to connect with their deep seated strength, move through pregnancy, birth and post partum life with confidence, openness and compassion.


I teach Prenatal Yoga, Mums and Bubs Yoga, Mindful Birth Workshops (Antenatal Workshop for Couples) in various locations in Sydney.  See Timetable for updated schedule.

Mindful Birth ChildBirth Preparation Workshop at Yoganic  (Willoughby)

Date: 28th July (Sunday)


PRIVATE 1:1 wellness offering

Are you expecting and can't seem to get to class due to life's demands, experiencing stress and anxiety during this time, wish to learn more about child birth preparation and options, working through fear in birth and future, diagnosed with a specific per-existing condition?

This one on one 6 week offering is tailored especially for  prenatal women to help de-stress, prepare for birth and post partum life. This is no ordinary 1:1 yoga class.  We'll set up a time to talk before week 1 starts and this is where we'll establish your objectives and discuss current condition to ensure that your needs are met for the next 6 weeks. Each meeting is for  1.5 hrs over 6 weeks (total 9 hrs). This can be adjusted depending on needs and availability.

Here are possible inclusions:

  • Yoga class for body and mind

  • Stress relief practice  through movement (yoga), meditation and breathing exercises

  • Child birth preparation discussions

  • Post partum recovery and support discussion and practice

  • Mindfulness, studies, research

Location: Comfort of your own home for as long as you have space. If you would like to hold this out of home please contact me via email (hello@michellekpapa.com) to make arrangements as this will be in the North Shore area.

Contact hello@michellekpapa.com for more information or jump into Booking to hold your place. Limited spaces


Sydney, Australia 


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